Chandler Archbell
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AIAS 2016 Northeast Quad Conference Promotional Video

"It wasn’t steel that built Pittsburgh. It was innovation: a mode of living that drove the people here to forge their city’s future with their own hands. While the steel that was their medium is gone, that blue-collar mentality of individually crafting your future is deeply ingrained in the city today. Pittsburgh is a place teeming with a diverse population of thinkers, makers, and doers conceiving the future, and striving to “Forge: New Urban Frontiers”. Our vision for Quad is to reveal the innovative ways that Pittsburgh is working to define the future of cities, and to show how change at the urban scale can be initiated by even the smallest of actions."

The 2016 AIAS Northeast Quad Conference brought together over 400 architecture students to experience and learn from Pittsburgh's comeback in the last decade.  Part of what made this conference exceptionally successful was a devoted organizational team with a strong marketing strategy. The promotional video aims to capture Pittsburgh's past while showcasing some of the amazing new developments that have helped bring the city back to its feet.


Director: Chandler Archbell

Videography: Chandler Archbell, Matt Porter, Nikhil Sambamurthy

Editing: Chandler Archbell, Nikhil Sambamurthy

Music: Midnight to Monaco - Suicide (Whethan Remix)

Extra footage courtesy of TIME Magazine